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Turn your business expenses into an asset and then into a tax-free retirement.


High Net Worth (HNW) individuals and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals have very unique financial problems, which is why we have created a specific team of professionals who only work with our HNW clients to design and implement complex and comprehensive solutions for every situation!


Planning for your retirement is more than just an IRA or 401k.
We utilize the most powerful tax and wealth building strategies to create the specific financial plan that will ensure you enjoy a dream lifestyle long into your Golden Years!


A unique tax-free retirement plan funded 3:1 with the bank’s money.  Be out of the funding stage in 5 years. No collateral needed and no credit checks.


Better than a Savings Account or CD! How would you like to earn at least THREE TIMES MORE INTEREST than that of a typical bank 6-month CD? Now you can get Both a higher rate of return AND access to your funds when you need!


Legacy planning is an opportunity to assign meaningful value to the wealth you have created and determine how to direct those assets to ensure generational success as well as ongoing support for those organizations dear to you heart.


It has never been more important for Professionals and Business Owners (especially high risk industries such as Medical, Agriculture, Real Estate, Construction, and Energy)
to protect their hard earned assets from law suits.


Looking for reliable monthly or annual income? We bring the power of big institutional investing to the average investor without stock market risk!


Whether you have 10 employees or 100, we provide you with an array of products to effectively recruit and retain valuable employees, while  making sure to utilize every tax and management strategy afforded you.



Financial Solutions offers a complete line of individual life insurance products crafted to meet you and your family’s specific needs, and enhanced to include living benefits.  

90% of Americans have not saved enough for retirement because they are swimming in debt. With our proprietary tools, clients are able to eliminate ALL of their debt  (including their 30 year mortgage) in  an average of 7-9 years.

You worked a Lifetime to earn it;
We're here to help you keep it!


Why Work With FST?

Financial Solutions of Texas specializes in forging innovative strategies which utilize the most comprehensive financial planning, products, and the most sought after professionals in the business. With decades of experience, we have been successful in building legacies that span generations of high net worth clients, not only in the great state of Texas, but throughout the nation.

We take pride in providing personalized solutions and service, going above and beyond with each and every client. We educate where desired, consult where required, and hand-hold when necessary. For us, business is personal and we treat our clients as extended family. By thoroughly understanding your objectives, we are able to craft solutions that provide assurance and peace-of-mind.

Our mission is to build lasting client relationships based on a level of trust that is earned through wise counsel, positive results, clear and candid communication, and service that exceeds expectations. We Always Put Your Highest Interest First!


Real Solutions For Real People


Joel Williamson


Tel: 800.280.8759

Jim Rippel photo (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Jim Rippel


Tel: 800.280.8759


CEO, Joel Williamson heads the team with over three decades of experience in  Wealth Generation and Preservation, specializing in sectors such as, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, and Real Estate Development. With an extensive knowledge of Tax code, Insurance Vehicles, Legacy Business Structuring, and a team of the most sought after professionals in the nation; he is able to craft the most powerful and effective solutions for any situation, while providing education and insight needed for you to make the best choices possible.

He has been referred to as the 'Merlin of Money' because of the magic that he is able to create for his clients, 

Under Joel's direction, you have access to a team of the best Tax, Estate Planning, Accounting, and Insurance Professionals that implement and manage every aspect of your financial plan.

We invite you to meet our ever-growing family of Financial Solution of Professionals!

President, Jim Rippel comes to the Financial Solutions Texas leadership team with an MBA, and over 35 years of serving in the financial arena. Jim has worked in the private, commercial, and even educational sectors as a University Professor of Financial Planning.  Jim has mastered not only the ability to design and implement powerful creative solutions to help clients build and protect their wealth; but as a natural mentor and teacher, he is able to break down the most complex strategies into easy-to-understand action steps. 

His mission and life’s work has been to empower students and clients with the knowledge and tools to enable them to make effective decisions and build generational wealth. As an avid student and researcher, Jim is able to utilize the most current, and little-known techniques, to create powerful solutions and options for his clients. 

As any good mentor does, Jim takes you by the hand and makes sure that you are not only completely structured and protected, but that you understand how and why.


Byron Brock, Tx.

Joel and Financial Solutions have helped us design solutions to several financial and tax concerns that we needed help in addressing. He has a creative mind and a team of exceptional advisors that he brings to the table including CPAs, and tax and estate planning attorneys. 

Don & Paula Graham, Tx.

Joel has helped us both in business and personally over the last 25 years.  We have found him to be honest and effective in designing solutions fo our insurance and financial concerns.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs insurance or financial advice.

John Loepky, Tx.

Joel and his team at Financial Solution Texas have not only helped us with our life insurance program, but have helped to design and implement an estate plan through his network of board-certified estate planning attorneys.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to others with similar concerns.



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Lubbock TX. 79423

Tel: 800.280.8759
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